Space Education Projects

GovEd Communications has a particular interest and specialism in space education. We regard space science as a vital element in engaging young people in science overall, and we have wide-ranging experience in this area. A number of people in our team have academic, industry or education backgrounds in space science and engineering and we have formed exciting partnerships with other space education bodies such as the Space Academy in Leicester and the Open University.

The space education and communication projects we have developed withour partners relate to:

  • Outreach programmes
  • Curriculum projects
  • Astronomy GCSE
  • International Year of Astronomy

The resources and projects we have available to support space education fall into five areas:

  1. Curriculum resources: these include ‘Playdough Planets' (a way to create ‘models' of planets from recipes using materials in the classroom, providing a sense of scale, relative densities, etc); and ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood', a stunning, 3-D interactive software package that enables easy navigation of the solar system).

  2. Technology ( our interactive technology products include LiVEPosters and the portable Space Signpost, which enable direct engagement with live scientific and mission data and imagery. Subject to availability, these items are available on a loan-out basis, as well as to acquire outright.

  3. Film and video: We are able to provide guidance and access to the archive to identify specific clips suitable for supporting space-related and cross-curricular topics. In addition, members of our team co-produced the internationally successful feature documentary film ‘In the Shadow of the Moon' which features the surviving Apollo astronauts. We can provide access to clips from this and other TV and video-based resources.

  4. Presenters: We are able to provide leading space-presenters on topics ranging from the Rosetta mission, to Apollo, to the science of solar eclipses, at affordable rates. All of our presenters are experts in their field and are highly experienced in presenting in schools.

  5. General curriculum and technical support and guidance to schools on space and astronomy matters. In addition, we have extensive experience relating to the design of school science labs (see and are able to advise on issues relating to equipment, resources and IT for supporting space topics.

If the resources mentioned above are of interest to you, please get in touch to discuss what sort of package of support we may be able to provide for you.

Further information about our space education projects will appear in this section soon. 

For more information or to book a presenter, please contact us.