Kopernik Science Centre Space Signposts

Client: Kopernik Science Centre, Warsaw www.kopernik.org.pl

GovEd Communications has been commissioned, in partnership with Springboard Design Partnership, to design and build a full-size Space Signpost for the new Kopernik Science Centre in Waraw, Poland.

The Space Signpost is being built to the same design specification as the original Bristol Space Signpost and will be installed on the new site later in 2010. The installation will include a new, updated version of the Welcome to the Neighbourhood software, including a Polish translation option and ground-based landmarks in the local Warsaw vicinity.

In addition, the Kopernik Centre made use of a Portable Space Signpost at the 2009 Science Picnic event. This event is an outdoor science fair, which has been running in Warsaw for several years. Space Signpost was used as a focal point for demonstrating space science and astronomy-related topics and was enjoyed by all age groups attending the picnic.

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