JISC Digital Images Project

Client: JISC Collections www.imagesforeducation.org.uk

JISC is the organisation which provides ICT guidance and resources to the higher education and further education sectors in the UK. It is also an innovative leader in the provision of digital media online, including digital archives of all kinds. As part of a major project to introduce large amounts of new digital content into the education sector in the UK, JISC has commissioned GovEd Communications to provide a large archive of 15,000 still images covering a range of curriculum linked topics from the last 20 years.

GovEd is working closely with Italian photographer Francesco Troina to unleash his private archive of images covering architecture, history, culture, geography and many other areas, as a major educational resource. This unique archive will provide substantial visual resources for education purposes and will contribute a significant proportion of the overall digital media content being provided as part of this project.

In due course, the Francesco Troina archive will also become available for other uses. To view example photographs from Francesco Troina's collection, please visit www.phototroina.com.

for more information about our work in this area and for further details about the collection, please contact us.