Downs School, West Berkshire

Client: Downs School, West Berkshire

The Downs School, Compton, West Berkshire, commissioned GovEd Communications to conduct stakeholder engagement workshops and a review of the initial architectural design brief for their new science facilities, in order to support development of a more detailed ‘educational' design brief.

The support we provided for them was focussed principally on their science facilities, but the nature of the process and structure of the outputs we provided is also applicable to all subject areas.

The key elements of the support we provided were as follow:

1) 2 half-day facilitated stakeholder workshops:

a. a facilitated walk-through of various reference designs, processes and stakeholder considerations drawn from our previous projects and experience, and ‘best practice' from around the world, followed by a Q+A and facilitated discussion.

b. structured design and curriculum exercises in small groups, followed by a collective, detailed, facilitated discussion, focussed on reaching initial conclusions and priorities on key design issues and requirements.

Both sessions were attended by teaching and support staff, SMT staff, LA representatives and the appointed architect. The second session was also attended by sixth form pupils.

2) Further detailed desk analysis and research

3) A detailed report, with specific recommendations on the design brief and detailed analysis of the stakeholder input provided. 

The 2 workshops involved the following personnel from our team (3 consultants):

  • School Building Design/FF&E/ICT Expert
  • Design and Curriculum Specialist
  • School Building Expert/Facilitator/Analyst 

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