Harris Academy at Peckham DVD

Client: Harris Academy at Peckham www.harrispeckham.org.uk

GovEd Communications was comissioned by the Harris Academy at Peckham to produce a promotional DVD aimed partly at Yr6 pupils and their parents making decisions about secondary school choices, but also intended for a variety of other promotional and information purposes.

The final output was a DVD with full branding and interactive menus, featuring a 15 minute main film and 5 additional 'mini-films'. The main film was fully chapterised so that it could be used in segments or as a whole, and the mini-films included more in-depth profiles of individual students and a short guided tour of the school.

Peckham Academy faces particular challenges in its location in South London, which led to the senior staff to commission a DVD to redress perceptions of the school and encourage greater recruitment from the local population. We worked closely with the school staff and pupils to understand the culture and character of the school and to draw out its true strengths and most appealing characteristics. The school has an extremely positive and industrious atmosphere, and excels in creative arts and performance, providing inspiration for students.

This 15 minute documentary film captured all of these characteristics and also provided practical information to parents and pupils considering joining the school.

Client testimonial:

I found working with GovEd to be an excellent experience, the team were very professional and made every attempt to be flexible and produce the final promotional DVD to our exact specifications. I am very pleased with the final cut and presentation, they really made an effort to understand the Academy and this really came through in the film.

Simon Bridgland, Vice Principal, Harris Academy at Peckham

You can view clips from the film here.

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