Science Photo Library Educational Resources

Client: Science Photo Library

300,000 scientific images all in one place!

GovEd Communications and the Science Photo Library have formed a partnership to enable schools to access the entire SPL database of over 300,000 images for use in educational resources, presentations and handouts. The subscription service costs just £149 per year and enables unlimited downloads for internal school usage.

The Science Photo Library (SPL) is the leading source of high quality imagery for producers of educational material. Now, for the first time, through a partnership between GovEd and SPL, we are able to allow schools unlimited access to the entire collection to help with the following:

• Capture children's imagination with stunning images and themed displays
• Stimulate class discussion
• Add colour and interest to your handouts and presentations

SPL adds more than 2,000 new images each month on the following subjects:

• Healthcare
• Science & Technology
• Space
• Environment
• Animals
• Flowers
• History

To sign up today for this unique Schools Subscription offer, at a special introductory price of just £149 per year, visit the SPL website at the address below, and quote offer code Memory4Teachers:

Or contact us for more detail about this offer.