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GovEd Communications' projects cover a wide range of activities and services with clients across varied sectors. This section provides details of some examples of our recent projects. We are constantly developing new projects and innovative ideas with a range of expert partners and clients, and this section will be updated as new projects move forward.

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Education Consultancy/BSF/Design

Project Faraday

Client: Department for Children, Schools and Families (UK Government) now Department for Education


Project Faraday was a major research and design project to radically rethink how science is taught in schools and develop designs for new science facilities in UK schools. The project commenced in December 2006. The main research and design phase concluded in December 2007. Follow-up activity is on-going, and many of the partner schools involved in the project began construction of their new facilities following this phase.

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Downs School, West Berkshire

Client: Downs School, West Berkshire


The Downs School, Compton, West Berkshire, commissioned GovEd Communications to conduct stakeholder engagement workshops and a review of the initial architectural design brief for their new science facilities, in order to support development of a more detailed ‘educational' design brief.

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Aitchison College New Science Facilities

Client: Aitchison College, Lahore


GovEd Communications was appointed by Aitchison College, Lahore to conduct a review and provide recomendations and an 'educational design brief' relating to their proposed new Senior Science Block. The review, analysis and consultation work conducted by GovEd Communications, before, during and following a visit to Aitchison College in August 2008, also included direct consultation exercises with students and teaching staff, partly in the form of 'workshop' sessions.

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Kopernik Science Centre Space Signposts

Client: Kopernik Science Centre, Warsaw


GovEd Communications has been commissioned, in partnership with Springboard Design Partnership, to design and build a full-size Space Signpost for the new Kopernik Science Centre in Waraw, Poland.

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Strategy, Scale-Up and Communications

Open Futures

Client: Helen Hamlyn Trust


GovEd Communications worked with the Helen Hamlyn Trust on the further development and expansion of the Open Futures initiative. Open Futures has been running as a successful pilot scheme for several years in schools in Yorkshire and on the South Coast, providing a unique approach to embedding a skills-based curriculum in primary schools. GovEd was asked to provide business analysis, strategic communications and partnership management support to enable cost-effective dissemination and scale-up of the scheme, and advised on the development of educational resources.

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Film & Video Production

Liverpool City Council Supporting People DVD

Client: Liverpool City Council


Liverpool City Council commissioned GovEd to produce a documentary film about the successes of the Supporting People social housing programme and to share their good practice with other local authorities and stakeholders across the country. The film involved interviews with a wide range of service users and service providers across the Supporting People programme in Liverpool.

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Scottish Fire & Rescue Service DVD

Client: Chief Fire Officers Association (Scotland)

The Chief Fire Officers Association of Scotland, in conjunction with Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service, commissioned GovEd to produce a recruitment DVD, on behalf of all eight of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services.

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Harris Academy at Peckham DVD

Client: Harris Academy at Peckham


GovEd Communications was comissioned by the Harris Academy at Peckham to produce a DVD intended for a variety of promotional and information purposes.The final output was a DVD with full branding and interactive menus, featuring a 15 minute main film and 5 additional 'mini-films'.

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Liverpool Telecare Film

Client: Liverpool City Council


GovEd Communications has been commissioned by Liverpool City Council to produce the second of two films relating to social care services in the city. The Liverpool Telecare film will show the transformational impact of initiatives which have been running in the city to provide social care support via a range of remote technologies.

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Jeffrey's Story

Client: UCL


A unique, youth-oriented educational drama film project. This film was commissioned by University College London to provide an innovative curriculum resource for medical physics, and to raise awareness of the 'patient experience' for young people.

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Conversations between Architects and Educators

Client: Institute of Education

Revealing interviews with school building pioneers David Medd and George and Judith Baines.

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Milton Keynes Council Event Filming

Client: Milton Keynes Council

GovEd has provided a package of video and event filming services to Milton Keynes Council to support a major policy review.

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Harris Federation Event Filming

Client: Harris Federation


GovEd has provided the Harris Federation with a package of video and event filming services.

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Policy Development Films

The 'Peepul Centre' documentary film, produced for DfES and the Home Office, created a new approach to using film as a central tool in policy development and debate. GovEd is currently developing new innovative film projects for policy makers and frontline practitioners. Please contact us for more information. To find out more about the Peepul Centre, please click here.

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Alligan Exemplar Schools DVD

Client: Alligan


GovEd was commissioned by education consultancy Alligan to produce a promotional DVD to support business development activity in international markets.

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Technology Solutions

Space Signpost

Space Signpost is a unique product which enables pupils, teachers and the public to 'explore' the solar system 'on their own terms'. Full details of Space Signpost can now be found in our Technology section, here.

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LiVEPosters bring together print and digital content to enable direct engagement with real-world imagery and data. Full details of LiVEPosters can now be found in our Technology section, here.

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Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Welcome to the Neighbourhood is a stunning, 3-D interactive software package that enables teachers and learners to easily navigate the solar system ‘on their own terms’.

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Visual Resources and Digital Archives

Science Photo Library Educational Resources

Client: Science Photo Library


GovEd Communications and the Science Photo Library have formed a partnership to enable schools to access the entire SPL database of over 300,000 images for use in educational resources, presentations and handouts.

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JISC Digital Images Project

Client: JISC Collections


As part of a major project to introduce large amounts of new digital content into the education sector in the UK, JISC has commissioned GovEd Communications to provide a large archive of 15,000 still images covering a range of curriculum linked topics from the last 20 years. GovEd is working closely with photographer Francesco Troina to provide this collection.

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Science Communication

Our Space - Digital Adventures in Space

Client: British National Space Centre / Space Adventures


GovEd Communications is working closely with Queen Mary, University of London and a range of partners in the space education arena to make available the digital assets and film footage acquired by Richard Garriott, the private astronaut who visited the International Space Station in October 2008.

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Space Education Projects

GovEd Communications has a range of Space Education projects currently in development, with a number of clients and partners.

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Science Match

The Science Match concept was devised to enable easier navigation of STEM initiatives for schools.

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Low Carbon/Sustainability

Carbon Visualisation

Client: Development project

GovEd is currently developing projects to support sustainability and climate change issues. One of these is concerned with enabling easier visualisation of carbon outputs.

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Live Carbon Monitoring

We have now also developed a veriosn of LiVEPosters specifcally aimed at monitoring energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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Science Labs Case Studies

Research report: 'Project Faraday Case-Studies', Dr Adam Nieman, Creative Director, GovEd Communications. Read Adam Nieman's report on the research visits to schools with exemplar science facilities, in the UK and USA, conducted as part of Project Faraday.

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Issues in School Design

Research report: 'Some Issues in School Design', Dr Keri Facer, Research Director, Futurelab. An overview of key issues facing schools and design teams embarking on new-build projects. Written for GovEd Communications as part of Project Faraday.

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Project Faraday Conference

Client: DCSF

GovEd Communications facilitated a conference and stakeholder consultation event for all schools and organisations involved in the core Project Faraday research and design phase.

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In Development

Computer Science Projects with QMUL

GovEd Communications has formed a partnership with the computer science department at Queen Mary, University of London, through which undergraduate and postgraduate students are able to work with GovEd on some of our most cutting-edge projects.

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Francesco Troina Collection - coming soon

Information will appear here shortly.

In the meantime, for examples of Franesco Troina's work, please visit www.phototroina.com.

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Development Projects

We currently have a number of new projects in development, which we are taking forward with various clients and partners. Further details about these projects will appear here shortly.

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Memory4Teachers Campaign

GovEd Communications has contributed to the Memory4Teachers campaign, which provides teachers throughout the UK with pre-vetted educational resources and content.

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Alligan Travel

Client: Alligan Travel

Set up within Ethiopia to help support the country's development aims, Alligan Travel works closely with local businesses to create employment opportunities and encourage responsible, informed tourism in Ethiopia. GovEd Communications has provided a range of marketing and publicity services to Alligan Travel.

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Alligan Case Studies

Client: Alligan


GovEd Communications has provided strategic, marketing and presentation support to Alligan in their business development activities. This has included identifying and capturing case-studies of the impact of their work with schools and local authorities.

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