Our Space

GovEd Communications worked closely with Venture Thinking, Queen Mary University of London and a range of partners in the space education arena to make available the digital assets and film footage acquired by Richard Garriott, the private astronaut who visited the International Space Station in October 2008. Amongst his other activities while on board the ISS, Richard filmed a series of educational videos including science demonstrations and explanations of life on board. He also re-enacted a number of pioneering activities undertaken by his father, NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, during his period on board Skylab 2 in the 1970s. These included photographing landmarks on the ground and providing science demonstrations for school children.

GovEd was commissioned by the UK Space Agency (formerly BNSC) and Space Adventures to create edited clips based on Richard's video material, and a website and online competition system to host the digital assets and release them for school children and educators to turn into their own stories about Richard's adventure in space, and to use as educational resources.

The website launched in March 2010, and can be found at: www.our-space.org.

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