Jeffrey's Story

GovEd Communications has expertise in using drama for education and science communication purposes. Jeffrey's Story was produced for University College London to create an accessible teaching and learning tool for use in secondary science education via an interactive website. The film follows the story of an active and healthy teenager as he comes to terms with discovering he has a heart murmur and the treatment he will have to undergo. The film also provides accessible insights into medical imaging technologies and their underlying science. In addition to the main story, a series of 'sub-stories' were produced, featuring interviews with real-life medical practitioners and technicians, clips from which can also be viewed in the Video section.

The film was also reversioned as a series of short episodes to be shown over a period of several weeks on Bebo, along with specially filmed 'vlogs' from the central character and additional material. These can be viewed at

Producer and Director:  Chris Riley

Editor and Composer:  Ben Lavington Martin

Executive Producer:  Ravi Kapur