Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Chief Fire Officers Association of Scotland, in conjunction with Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service, commissioned GovEd to produce a recruitment DVD, on behalf of all eight of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services.

The requirement was for the DVD to tell the stories of fire officers who have passed through the recruitment process and entered into a diverse range of roles across the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services, in wide-ranging geographical settings across Scotland. In addition, this particular recruitment film was required to put an emphasis on equality and diversity issues. Working in close coordination and partnership with the fire services, GovEd identified a number of key themes that have helped to attract target communities and create a greater sense of the diversity and range of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. across the Scottish Fire and rescue services.

Filming involved a range of interview settings, filming live call out and rescue activity, filming a diversity of training activity in rural and urban settings, and setting out the detail of the recruitment and training process for new recruits.

The full version of this film can be viewed here.

Producer/Director: Ravi Kapur

Cameraman and Editor: Ben Lavington Martin