Policy and Training Films

Policy development films - GovEd has pioneered a new approach to triggering productive discussion between policy makers and providing training to policy teams. Combining first-rate documentary film-making techniques and detailed insight into education and public sector policy, GovEd produces films which speak their audience's language and go straight to the heart of the issues.

We can also produce films of this kind as training films to support the needs of a wide variety of organisations across education, public services and other sectors.

You can view examples of some of our work in this area below. Click on the thumbnails below to select a video. Then click on the player to begin streaming each clip. To view full screen, click on the small black square below the player.

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The Peepul Centre

This film, commissioned by DfES and the Home Office, highlights the challenges faced by third sector organisations in raising capital funding.

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Peepul Centre - clip 2

Second clip from the Peepul Centre film.

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Project Faraday Documentary Film

This 30 minute documentary film featured interviews with key members of the Project Faraday team, and research visits in the UK and USA. 

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