WITCH Computer Television Documentary

GovEd Communications is working in partnership with Kailuna Enterprises in California, to co-produce a one-hour television documentary film about the world's oldest complete and (soon to be) working computer. The so-called 'WITCH' computer (Wolverhampton Institute Teaching Computer from Harwell) has lain dormant for 35 years at Birmingham Science Museum as a museum exhibit. It has now been transferred to the National Museum for Computing at Bletchley Park, where alongside many other famous computers such as the Colossus, it is being painstakingly restored and brought back to full working order with the aim of providing visitors with an insight into an important moment in the development of computer technology.

The restoration is being undertaken as a meticulous, archeological or fine art style restoration process, and is setting a new benchmark for good practice in projects of this kind. We will be capturing this process and telling the history, origins and surprising side stories of this machine over the decades, including through interviews with the original designers and users of the computer.

A clip from this project will be made available here once the project is complete.

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