Department for Children, Schools and Families

GovEd Communications' principal work with DCSF to-date has been through Project Faraday. In addition to leading one of the three Project Faraday design consortia, we wre also commissioned to produce the Project Faraday collaborative website and the Project Faraday Conference.

In addition, members of the GovEd team have worked extensively with and for DCSF in previous projects, and are called upon from time to time to offer consultancy and support on a range of DCSF-related matters.

The Peepul Centre film, directed by GovEd's Ravi Kapur, was also produced for DCSF.


GovEd Communications' extensive experience and detailed understanding of education and science, in conjunction with outstanding partnerships with designers and technology specialists, contributed to the development of innovative ideas and solutions that their partner schools and many other schools across the country will benefit from. GovEd Communications delivered products of excellent quality and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Niko Thomas, Project Manager, Project Faraday, DCSF

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