GovEd Ventures

Alongside our client-based work and media production services, we also self-instigate, develop and take forward a wide array of stand-alone projects and enterprises in our key areas of interest, such as science communication, educational technology and sustainability. These projects are sometimes spun-out as seperate business enterprises or joint ventures, and often call upon expertise from a number of diverse disciplines. We call this area of our business GovEd Ventures.

Examples of these ventures include the following:

Imperative Space
Imperative Space is a 'new kind of services company, for the new space economy'. A division of GovEd, this venture has brought under one banner our wide ranging expertise in communicating about and supporting the space sector, and provides an wide array of creative and consultancy services.

Carbon Visuals Ltd
Carbon Visuals is a join venture with CarbonSense. It has been set up to take forward the ground-breaking Carbon Quilt project and other forms of visual communication of climate change and carbon reduction issues.

Space Signpost
Space Signpost is an interactive technology designed to bring the realities of space science into the everday experience of learners and citizens. Originally developed by GovEd's Creative Director Adam Nieman, with support from Futurelab, Space Signpost is now available in a range of forms, including a full-size public installation, a portable version and a software application.

GovEd Technologies
GovEd Technologiesis a dedicated area of our business, focused on the design and development of intuitive, interactive products for education, science communication and public communications. We have a particular interest in enabling direct interaction with real-world scientific data and imagery.

E-Democracy Projects
GovEd Communications has a particular interest in supporting projects which enable greater democratic engagement and open up opportunities for collaborative and evidence-based policy-making. We currently have a number of projects in development in this area, including some based on advanced technology solutions. For more infromation, please contact us.

For further information about any of these or other GovEd Ventures, please contact us.