Consultancy Services

GovEd Communications provides a diverse range of consultancy services. These services are split broadly into two areas: Education and Science Communication Consultancy; and Strategic Communications, Planning and Analysis. Please click on the links below or on the right-hand navigation to explore a full list of these services.

As a full-service consultancy, we are able to provide highly cost-effective, targeted and specialist services, based on real and specific expertise.

In addition, we are developing a range of projects and services to support sustainability and climate change projects through our joint venture Carbon Visuals.

For more information pease click on each of the service headings listed below, or contact us.

Education Consultancy and Science Communication

GovEd Communications provides a wide range of education and science communication services. We can provide simple consultancy and advice or take on full project design, management and delivery responsibilities.

Strategic Communications, Planning and Analysis

GovEd Communications has extensive experience in strategic communications, business planning, research and analysis, and scale-up of successful innovations.