Shira Rubin

Shira Rubin is an award-winning teacher and educational innovator, with a background in Natural Sciences, Physics and Chemistry.

She originally entered teaching through the presitgious Teach First programme and taught science at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for three years as science co-ordinator. Her experience as a teacher has included developing new schemes of work for the Twenty First Century Science Curriculum, training and mentoring NQTs, providing enrichment courses for the science GCSE, implementing cross-curriulcar science and arts film projects, developing pupil to pupil tutoring schemes and organising collaborations with many universities and community-based organisations.

In 2006 Shira was awarded the Garnett Excellence Award for using innovation and inspiration in the classroom to raise pupil achievement. She is now a member of the Teach First Ambassador Board, advising on the direction and strategy for social change.

Alongside her work with GovEd Communications, Shira is also leading the development of a major new innovation in modern foreign language tuition.