Interactive Website Development

GovEd also provides complete web-development solutions, including design and build of interactive websites.

We can also provide end-to-end multimedia services, including content devlopment and production, website creation, and on-going web-baased media distribution services.

Examples of our work in ths area include the following projects:

  • Carbon Quilt
    Ground-breaking web-based solution to enable visual representation of carbon footprints.
  • Our Space 
    Multi-media website, showcasing video and other digital content from astronaut Richard Garriott and other space missions.

  • Project Faraday
    Multi-media online community and 'co-design' platform devloped to facilitate collaborative working for DCSF's Project Faraday
  • Advice and support services for various other web-projects, including Open Futures and others

For more information, please contact us.